David Smigel, a long-time member, really set the tone for the league. Dave was the ultimate good sportsman and loved the game of squash. He would encourage new players, put his heart into the game and always left everyone with a smile. He also loved the community of City League and was a regular at the pub where he could connect with his fellow 'squashers'.

Once a year, we honor a member who best exemplifies the spirit of City League and shares Dave's good spirit for the game.

For the record, here are all those that have received the award over the years:

Smigel Award Winners

Winston Sandino

Josh Hilton (Fall 2016) Gus Yusem (Winter 2016)
John Flynn (Fall 2015) Bob Tourtillot (Winter 2015)
James Lung (Fall 2014) Mario Schmit (Winter 2014)
Art Mills (Fall 2013) Tom Harvey (Winter 2013)
Tom Taylor (Winter 2012) Doug Ross (Winter 2011)
Becky Hillwig (Winter 2010) Scott Manzano (Fall 2010)
Habib Rahman (Winter 2009) Steve Scannell (Fall 2009)
Dan Carter (Fall 2008) Ann Newlands-Johnson (Fall 2006)
Mike Graham (Winter 2007) Joan Ahlberg
Alyson Brant Steve Cackley
Aaron Christenson Colin Freestone
George Gearn Anders Giltvedt
John Haywood Mike Houghton
Tom Previs Jon Richards
Steve Overstreet John Sheie
John Weeks David Wolf
Ellen Zaharchuk David Yudkin

Dave Smigel